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New toy-safe anal lube launched by Give Pleasure Products

New toy-safe anal lube launched by Give Pleasure Products

Give Pleasure Products has announced the launch of Super Thick Anal Lube, which is said to be a predominantly water-based formula which has been infused with silicone to make it extra-long lasting. The silicone used is described as a new, toy-safe silicone so it can be used with all toys. Super-Thick Anal Lube comes in a 200ml pump bottle and has a suggested retail price of £14.99.

Give Pleasure Products used online sex blogger Cara Sutra to reveal Super Thick Anal Lube’s existence to the world, as MD Nigel Powell explained: “We wanted to give Cara the exclusive, firstly because she has been a supporter of our brand right from the start and secondly because we recognise the significant and ever-growing influence of top bloggers and reviewers who, through one powerful voice and several media channels, communicate valuable messages to both consumers and the trade simultaneously. And Cara Sutra is the best at this.”

Powell continued: “We’ve increased our focus on the marketing of Noir over the last few months so it’s felt like a long time since we’ve introduced a new product and our customers have been asking for an anal lube. We’ve been tweaking this formulation for a year and it’s now perfect and a great multi-use anal lube. With the added silicone being a new toy-safe one it not only has increased longevity it’s safe to use with all anal toys too. This product is the first of a new range in the coming months called the Super Thick Series.”

For more information contact Give Pleasure Products on 01452 223055 or email [email protected]

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