New Temptations offers a sneak peek at new Mapalé Volume 1

Posted: October 2, 2017

Distributor New Temptations has been given a sneak peak of the new Volume 1 catalogue from Mapalé and it has declared itself impressed. “As ever, it’s beautifully designed and constructed and based around a wonderfully rich and sultry colour palette,” said New Temptations. “The entire catalogue boasts fresh and fashionable design, through the use of figure hugging harness straps, daring cuts and seductive contouring. Naturally we are spoiled, with copious amounts of mesh and lace which help to soften the body and show just the right amount of skin needed to get hearts racing. There’s also a pleasant and very welcome addition of velvet in the mix this time around, adding luxury and mystery through the use of deep colours and contrasting textures.”

The new Volume 1 catalogue features additions to the fantasy costume range, a ‘fearless’ new take on Clubwear and more original pieces added to the sports-luxe collection. “Of course, the catalogue wouldn’t be complete without an assortment of sumptuous and bold seasonal pieces, all romantically arranged and finished to an impeccable standard,” New Temptations added, “and finally, fear not as all last year’s best sellers have been carried over into 2018 too!”

Volume 1 catalogues are available now, and the collection will be fully stocked from October.

New Temptations:

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