New Bijoux in-store POS programme

Posted: December 7, 2011

Bijoux Indiscrets has created a new POS programme, the aim of which is to promote the unique qualities of each product, providing a ´Bijoux Boutique´ for retailers to showcase the range to their customers.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Bijoux Indiscrets are focused on supporting retail partners in every way to capitalise on the visual and commercial strength of the collection. The team remain passionate about offering consumers unique, sophisticated yet affordable products in an experiential and fun way.”

Retailers can choose between three sets of displays and merchandise to best suit their location, buying and customer base. Bijoux Indiscrets will provide a customisable selection of products, display units, as well as decals for the display unit alongside marketing materials to help promote sales and reinforce the unique appeal of the Bijoux Indiscrets’ product range. A Bijoux Indiscrets representative will be available to assist in the merchandising and training of the display packages if required.

For further information contact your favourite Bijoux Indiscrets distributor.