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‘Masturbation deluxe’ from Tenga

The state of the art in male masturbation products has been redefined by Tenga UK with the release of its innovative new Flip Hole appliance. The handsomely packaged product is also the first reusable Onacup from the company and its unique ‘flip’ design means it is simple to clean after use.

Internally, the Flip Hole contains a wealth of features: the Vacuum Pump creates squeeze with vacuum pressure; the Wing Gate is a big rib that will hold and transfer; the Quattro Wave creates turbulent waves of stimulus; the Lip Flap is a vacuum valve function that tightens the bottom and keeps the firmly sticking feeling; the Shield Flap ensures the lubricant stays inside; the Side Rib creates and sharpens stimulus from both sides; the End Orb is an overpowering orb to stimulate the head, and the floating pad expands the mid section when the user is inserted, to allow for different sized girth.

The exterior of the deluxe device also contains three pad buttons; the bottom pad allows the user to apply pressure at the insertion point, the centre pad applies pressure to the entire inside plate and increases the vacuum pressure while the upper pad allows the user to provide more pressure and stimulus to the head.

The Flip Hole also comes with three tubes of lubricant which have been designed specially for the product – Mild, Real and Wild – and additional supplies of these can be purchased separately.

The Flip Hole will be launched to the UK trade at this month’s ETO Show on the Tenga UK stand.