Making Waves – Lelo breaking ‘last sexual taboo’ with new Loki

Posted: October 27, 2015

Lelo has launched Loki Wave, which the company describes as ‘the next stage in the evolution of male pleasure’. The new prostate massager includes the innovative WaveMotion technology from sister products Ina Wave and Mona Wave and adds two vibrating motors to massage a man’s key erogenous zones simultaneously, one in the tip and another in the base. These motors are said to work together to offer twice the stimulation exactly where it feels best: the prostate and the perineum respectively. Offered in federal blue and obsidian black, Loki Wave has an SRP of £149 and is available now.

Steve Thomson, director of marketing at Lelo, said: “After releasing Ina Wave, the first sex toy to feature WaveMotion technology, and the fastest selling product ever in Lelo history, we received calls from all around the world to turn our expertise to doing the same thing for male pleasure. We know that prostate massage can offer mind-blowing orgasms and we realised our WaveMotion technology would offer a unique take on this. Anal sex is a hot topic right now, not just for women. Men are finally understanding that the key to more intense male orgasms is via the prostate. When we revealed our line of prostate massagers earlier this year we could not have prepared for the amount of interest, not just from men and couples all around the world, but also from the global media too. The last sexual taboo is prostate orgasms, and we are very happy to say, it looks like this taboo is well on its way to being broken. The world is now ready for the Loki Wave the next generation of the male orgasm.”

The waterproof and USB-rechargeable Loki Wave was unveiled at eroFame, where Lelo say it received an extremely positive response and the company predicts it will be one of the industry’s key products over the coming months. Retailers interested in stocking Lelo products should contact