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Je Joue makes Spark Design Awards shortlist

Je Joue makes Spark Design Awards shortlist

Je Joue has announced that its Ami Kegels product has been nominated as a finalist in the Spark Design Awards – an international design competition, which is now in its ninth year. Other nominees include BMW, eBay and the Edward M Kennedy Institute for the US Senate.

The Je Joue Ami is described as the world’s first progressive Kegel set, and with three weights – from soft weight single ball to hard and heavy double ball – Ami is designed to enhance pelvic fitness and deliver deeper and more intense orgasms, alongside a range of health benefits, all at a self-selected pace.

Health benefits during pregnancy are said to include strengthening the pelvic floor pre-delivery and speeding up vaginal recovery post-delivery. For all women, Je Joue says they also offer improved bladder control and can enhance the natural vaginal lubrication, sexual response and urinary control during the physiological changes of menopause

For those experienced in Kegel training, Je Joue has designed Ami+, which takes pelvic fitness to the next level by strengthening the pelvic muscle to its optimum strength while providing enhanced sensitivity and more intense, easier-to-achieve orgasms.

For more information about Je Joue visit www.jejoue.com and more details about the Spark Awards can be found at www.sparkawards.com