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Loving Sex arrives at 1on1

The Loving Sex series of BBFC 18-rated sexual education DVDs are now available from Net 1on1. Created by Alexander Institute in conjunction with sex therapists, educators and best-selling authors, the Loving Sex titles feature real couples in committed relationships and they are designed to help viewers improve their own sexual relationships rather than titillate.

The range includes titles such as What Women Want, which promises to teach techniques that work every time and what women find attractive; Massage For Lovers, Erotic Strip Dance, which comes with a free music CD; and the Modern Kama Sutra Collection. Each DVD also includes an onscreen sex encyclopaedia with tips and FAQ about sexuality and relationships. The DVDs are multilingual and are available in English, Spanish, French and German. There is also a subtitles option for the hearing impaired.

Net 1on1 is also carrying the Alexander Institute’s acclaimed Voyeur series of DVDs, which contain short erotic movies featuring real couples shot in a distinctive style. New titles will be added each quarter.