BMC recruits Sarah Orchin

Posted: March 1, 2010

BMC Intimate has appointed Sarah Orchin as its new UK and Eire Country Manager. Orchin, formerly of Apollo Wholesale, joined the company in January 2010 and will assume total responsibility for developing the UK and Irish markets, encompassing sales, marketing and strategy development. BMC Intimate celebrates its eighth birthday this summer and has just finished a re-structuring process to direct more dedicated resources to each of the markets in which it operates.

Orchin commented: “I have been interested in working with BMC for some time. I love the fact that the product range has been carefully selected and there is a good balance of third party and own brands that really sell well for our customers.”

BMC Intimate has also been re-focusing its product range to reflect changing tastes and to provide products that are more closely aligned to customers’ needs. Some well known brands have disappeared from BMC’s roster over the last eighteen months and Orchin explained that this is all part of a strategy to regain a clear point of difference over other suppliers in the UK market.

She added: “There are brands we have now dropped because too many others are supplying them, thus devaluing the product and diluting the sales. I am looking forward to working closely with companies in the adult industry, offering them a core range of quality products and helping them develop their business as we come out of recession.”