Lovely new ‘self-learning’ sex toy

Posted: December 1, 2016

A new product called Lovely is described by its creators as the first self-learning sex toy and app that makes couples scream with joy. The wearable device, which has been in development for two years, is said to learn what a couple likes in bed and suggests simple tips through the Lovely App on how to have even better sex next time.

“Using Lovely enhances quality and diversity in a couple’s sex life thanks to the unmatched wealth of knowledge and innovation put into Lovely & the Lovely App,” said Lovely Inc. “Lovely provides additional clitoral stimulation thanks to its vibrations and enhances erections by slowing blood circulation inside of the man’s erectile tissue.”

It is worn by the man and it contains sensors that measure important characteristics of sex and combine them with the couple’s feedback and desires. So Lovely enhances couples’ sex lives just by them using it, without a need to look for inspiration or advice elsewhere. There are already a couple of hundred different tips and suggestions embedded within the Lovely ecosystem, with more being added every day by sexologists and sex educators Reid Mihalko, Dr Agata Loewe and Dr Tomasz Krasuski.

Lovely is made of body-safe, stretchy, smooth silicone and its ergonomics have been designed and tested by industrial designers who analysed and tested (on themselves) over one hundred basic couple’s rings already on the market.

“At Lovely we believe that technology enhances our lives for the better,” the company said. “Yet somehow our sex lives have been forgotten with the advancements in technology. With Lovely, we hope to change that.”

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