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Just landed? Start here…

As you will have noticed if the last time you landed here it was on the old site, you no longer need to log in before you can see us. This, of course, means that consumers will now be able to view the ETO site. This is deliberate as some of the features which will be included here will be aimed at them.

As far as we know, there is no reliable release schedule for R18 films, for instance, and so we have included one here based on the submissions we receive at the office, though reviews will still only appear in the print edition of ETO.

Coming soon, and again aimed at consumers, will be an ETO Recommends section, which will list the UK’s very best adult retailers. What’s the criteria, you may ask, how much they pay to be included? No, that’s not how we do things. ETO magazine is completely impartial when it comes to reviewing products and reporting on industry news and over 93% of our readers believe that to be the case.

Over the last few years our Mystery Shopper has probably visited and reported for the magazine on more adult stores than even the keenest sales rep, and there’s unlikely to be anyone in the country better qualified to pass judgement on the UK’s adult stores than her. This industry’s best shops are as good as those in any other retail sector and they deserve wider recognition, which we are happy to give them. That doesn’t mean that shops not listed aren’t good – it might just be that we haven’t got around to visiting the towns and cities they are in yet, we may have missed them when we were there or they’ve opened since our visit. We can only speak as we find

To ensure consumers aren’t given sensitive confidential commercial information, news stories posted here will not contain prices or contact details. This will still only be found in the print edition of the magazine.

It is still worth trade visitors registering for the site if they haven’t already done so as some features will only become visible when visitors are logged in. The most obvious one of which is currently the nominations function for July’s Adult Industry Awards. And later, when the short list for 2008 is revealed, voting for the winners will only take place online, unlike in previous years when we published a voting form in the magazine and had to spend several days sifting through hundreds of pieces of paper to arrive at the winners. This year the collating of votes will be done automatically, which means we might be able to spend a few days out of the office during June…

Another reason to register, particularly for overseas visitors, is to access the ETO Online function. This is where the most recent edition of the print magazine, in its entirety, can be read the moment it is published.

I’d like to wrap up this first post by thanking all those who have already made positive comments about the site. And if there are other features you think we should include here, please email [email protected] with your suggestions.