Jimmyjane Special Edition Afterglow lights up Scala Playhouse

Posted: August 6, 2015

Scala Playhouse has announced that it now has in stock the Special Edition Afterglow Cacao & Fig massage candle by Jimmyjane, which the distributor describes as a delightful, luxurious indulgence in erotic wellness. And when lit, the warm oil can be drizzled over a partner’s erogenous zones as a prelude to a seductive massage.

Each Afterglow candle comes in an elegant porcelain container featuring a smart pour spout in the corner, allowing the warm oil to be poured with pin-point precision without spillage. The candle liquefies into smooth massage oil at body temperature, so it is pleasantly warm without being too hot. Each Afterglow has an average burn time of 32 hours, and it can be reused after each session. Scala Playhouse says the Special Edition Cacao & Fig Afterglow features two fragrances, which combine to create a unique scent designed to delight the senses.

For more information visit www.scalaplayhouse.com