Is this out of fashion? Corset isn’t

Posted: June 20, 2016

Scala Playhouse is recommending retailers stock the Avanza range of corsets, which the distributor states offer a selection of sexy designs in a variety of styles and sizes to suit every body shape. The company said: “The sexy and quality designs will certainly draw your consumers’ attention with their faux-leather look and great eye for detail, such as naughty zips and straps. Perfect for a BDSM adventure, the Avanza corsets are made of quality materials for an affordable price, giving every consumer the chance to get introduced to the world of cinched waists and corset pleasure.”

Scala Playhouse continued: “The corset – a staple in erotic fashion – has been around since the 1550s when Catherine de’ Medici – the queen of France – banned ‘thick waists’ and introduced corsets made of whalebone and metal. Fast forward nearly 500 years and the corset is still going strong. The sexy garment that cinches the waist is simply so sexy and alluring, it will never go out of fashion. Celebrate this iconic piece of intimate apparel and stock up on some lustful fetish corsets by Avanza at Scala Playhouse.”

The entire Avanza range can be seen online at