In the thick of it with Topco

Posted: February 15, 2018

Topco Sales is now officially shipping its highly CyberSkin Xtra Thick Uncut Penis Extensions, sheaths that instantly add three inches of length and a ¼-inch of girth with an uncircumcised appearance. Made of lifelike CyberSkin, they feature a firm inner tip and a stretchy sleeve that fits around the penis.

Designed for wear during intercourse, the extensions are made for easy penetration with a smooth CyberSkin surface that becomes slick when lubricated. “Our CyberSkin Xtra Thick Uncut Penis Extensions give men a product that more accurately reflects their own anatomy and allows circumcised men and their partners to experiment with the uncut look,” Topco Sales COO Autumn O’Bryan said. “There’s nothing like these on the market and the response from customers at the recent trade shows proved that demand for ‘uncut’ products is huge. That, plus our competitive pricing, gives us confidence that these items are going to sell fast.”

The super-stretchy extensions can be trimmed at the end to customize the fit and are available in both light and dark skin tones for universal appeal. The products are phthalate free, waterproof and easy to clean with liquid antibacterial soap and warm water.

CyberSkin Xtra Thick Uncut Penis Extensions come in compact black, red, and silver clamshell packaging sized to preserve wall space and reduce costs along the supply chain and feature a new flat theft-free tester button on each package. The design coordinates with the rest of Topco Sales’ CyberSkin-brand line of realistics.

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