Hybrid Lube – ‘the perfect cross-sale item’

Posted: June 2, 2015

Scala Playhouse says its new Hybrid Lube, which forms part of the company’s ToyJoy Designer Edition collection, is the ultimate cross-sale item, as both the product and the Goldfinger-style packaging complement the luxurious toys from the ToyJoy Designer Edition range.

“The brand new ToyJoy Designer Edition Hybrid Lube has been developed exclusively at Scala Playhouse, and is the perfect accessory to any toy collection,” the company said. “It is especially appealing for consumers who purchase a high-quality, luxurious toy from the ToyJoy Designer Edition collection [though] the high-quality lube is safe to use with any type of toy, as it’s a water-based solution made of body-safe ingredients.”

Scala Playhouse recommends retailers display Hybrid Lube in-store alongside the new Hero and Icon couples toys from the ToyJoy Designer Edition range.

“The lube is the perfect cross-sale item and allows lovers to add a sexy, slippery touch to their sexual adventures,” the company said. “This affordable drugstore product is only released in a special limited edition, so get your hands on this chic lubricant before the chance slips away!”

For further information contact Scala Playhouse on 01675 430300 or visit www.scalaplayhouse.com