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Getting an iFull

Developers for Apple’s iPod and iPhone, which have both have built-in cameras for easily monetised ‘mobile webcam chat’ via Apple’s FaceTime app, are thrilled with news of the specifications for the iPad 2. The second generation of the tablet, expected to debut in March, will include a camera for two-way video chat; a service already adapted by iP4Play for adult applications.

In a statement released by the company shortly after the news of the iPad 2’s new camera feature was made public, the firm said: “iP4Play offers a true two-way audio and video experience like no other where both parties can see and hear each other utilising the stunning display resolution of the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Apple Mac computer.”

iP4Play launched their service in August of last year. It currently employs around 35 women and charges consumers $4.00 per minute for video calls. The business claims to have the only adult video chat service to operate using FaceTime, that iP4Play has tens of thousands of users and has seen roughly 30% growth in its client base monthly since its launch.

Travis Falstad, iP4Play’s co-founder and Managing Director, explained: “The return rate of our customers is pretty encouraging too. Our typical first-time customer returns 65-70% of the time. Our typical user is male, 25-40, and on the more technical side. In the early days it was a lot of guys who worked at large tech companies trying out the service. We get the occasional couple. With our international growth, we are starting to get a lot of customers from the UK, New Zealand, Australia – even Saudi Arabia.” Falstad added the company was not yet profitable but as call volumes increased it was “probably a couple of months away” from making money.

Bypassing the Apple AppStore iP4Play is a web-based service, while FaceTime is open to adaptation by other adult businesses in the same way Skype video-chat is. Incidentally, iP4Play also offer an adult service via that platform. Although Apple has approved a few adult apps, including MyVibe in 2009 – which uses the iPhone’s internal vibration unit to turn the phone into an impromptu sex toy – very few are allowed on their App Store and the firm has a history of purging anything perceived to have crossed a line, even after approval. That said, Falstad says iP4Play’s relationship with Apple is mutually beneficial.
“We believe Apple is happy to have us out here helping to promote FaceTime. Our customers have the ultimate satisfying experience so we’re helping to convert tens of thousands of new FaceTime users,” Falstad said.