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Garden of Desires to be unveiled at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium

Author and journalist Emily Dubberley is launching her latest book, Garden of Desires: The Evolution of Women’s Sexual Fantasies, at an invitation-only party at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium in Hoxton, London, on September 5th.

The whole subject of female fantasies was not generally recognised, even within the pages of Cosmopolitan, until 1973 when Nancy Friday’s collection of real women’s fantasies, My Secret Garden, was published. Now, 40 years on, Dubberley has created an in-depth guide to women’s fantasies in the modern era.

“I have spent the last 20 years of my life researching female sexual fantasy,” said Dubberley. “I realised this when I was putting together my first talk about Garden of Desires: The Evolution of Female Sexual Fantasy, which features fantasies from over 400 women of all ages, sexualities, races, and positions on the gender spectrum. Over the last few months, I have read every academic paper and book written about female sexual fantasy that I could find, I have spoken to leading academics in the field, and I have learned more about sex – and women – than I could imagine, even after over a decade running Cliterati.co.uk. These findings are detailed in the book.”

She added: “I was very excited when Sh! kindly offered to sponsor the launch – they are at the forefront of female sexual development.”

On finding out that one of the most popular fantasy scenarios includes the thrill of being able to penetrate a partner, Sh!, which manufactures a range of leather harnesses and silicone dildos, created a stunning one-off strap-on which will be raffled on the night. The proceeds from the raffle will go to Bish Training, a comprehensive sex and relationships education site for young people.

In the interests of transparency, it should be pointed out that Emily’s journalistic work includes a regular column in ETO magazine and in the next issue she will be giving readers an insight into her latest book and suggesting ways in which adult retailers can benefit from its findings.

Garden of Desires: The Evolution of Female Sexual Fantasies is published on 12th September, Black Lace, £10.99. For sales enquiries, contact Hayley Symonds on [email protected] . Emily is available for book signings in-store, subject to location, and can offer content for online promotions.