Fourth annual O Awards staged this month

Posted: September 3, 2012

This month will see the fourth annual O Awards staged in Las Vegas at the AVN Novelty Expo.


The award categories include: Outstanding Product for Women, Outstanding Product for Men, Outstanding Luxury Product, Outstanding Supplement, Outstanding Enhancement Product, Outstanding Innovation, Outstanding Lubricant, Outstanding Body Care, Outstanding Non-Powered Product, Outstanding Powered Product, Outstanding Lingerie Collection, Outstanding Accessory Product or Line, Outstanding Marketing Campaign, Outstanding Packaging and Outstanding Debut Product.


The number of nominees in each category varies between 10, 15 and 20 with the vast majority being US-based firms and products. UK contenders include Luv from Rocks-Off and Fifi from Je Joue (Outstanding Product for Women); Mio by Je Joue (Outstanding Product for Men and Outstanding Powered Product); Revo from Nexus (Outstanding Product for Men, Outstanding Luxury Product and Outstanding Innovation); Uma from Je Joue (Outstanding Luxury Product); Rock Box from Lovehoney (Outstanding Powered Product); and Pink Daisy from Planet Earth (Outstanding Body Care).


California Exotic Novelties has seven nominations, with Phil Varone’s Sex, Toys and Rock ‘n Roll Collection listed in four separate categories, Sue Johanson’s Vibrating Glow-in-the-Dark Vibrating Super Head Honcho is nominated for Outstanding Product for Men, the Up! Collection is nominated for Outstanding Enhancement Product and the best-selling Butterfly Kiss is nominated for Outstanding Powered Product.


Luxury brand Jopen has four nominations, with Intensity in Outstanding Debut Product and Outstanding Innovation, Vr6.5 in Outstanding Powered Product and Vr10.5 is in Outstanding Luxury Product.


“How thrilling it is to see our products recognised in so many different categories,” said Susan Colvin, CEO of California Exotic Novelties. “This is a testament to all the hard work and dedication of the entire CalExotics team. Thank you, AVN, for these nominations.”


Pipedream Products has been nominated in six categories including: Outstanding Lingerie Collection (Fetish Fantasy Lingerie); Outstanding Accessory Line (Bachelorette Party Favors); Outstanding Accessory Product (Fantasy Swing Stand); Outstanding Packaging (Icicles); and two nominations for the Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Glide in the Outstanding Innovation and Outstanding Non-Powered Product categories.


“We are excited to see the Fantasy Glide nominated in dual categories,” said Pipedream CEO, Nick Orlandino. “The reason why we believe it to be so outstanding is the simplicity of its design and how easy it is to use. One look at the demonstration video we produced and you can no doubt see why it has become a favourite among Fetish Fantasy fans all over the world. Thank you to those who nominated Pipedream in the respective categories and thank you in advance to those who vote for Pipedream as finalists in the 2012 O Awards.”


The O Awards take place on September 11th at the AVN Novelty Expo, which is held between September 10th – 12th, at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. For more information visit