Essex man jailed for illegally selling ED drugs

Posted: August 17, 2015

A 57-year-old Essex man was sentenced to 16 months’ imprisonment on 14th August for illegally selling erectile dysfunction drugs. Sundeep Amin pleaded guilty to 21 counts of importing, possessing and supplying unlicensed medicines, following an investigation by regulatory body MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency).

MHRA officers seized nearly £900,000 of illegal medicines which had been imported from India and were destined for customers across the UK and Europe. Amin also admitted possession of a large quantity of the controlled drug, Phenazepam and to laundering the proceeds of his crimes.

Alastair Jeffrey, head of enforcement at MHRA, said: “Mr Amin had no medical qualifications and was dealing in unlicensed medicines, which is a lethal combination and a serious risk to public health. His operation ran for several years and it is further proof that if you buy medication from an illicit source, you are handing over money to a criminal who has no regard for your wellbeing.”

During the MHRA’s investigation, it became clear that Amin had several companies registered in his name and rented a number of storage facilities across Essex. Several large quantities of erectile dysfunction drugs intended for these addresses were seized on arrival in the UK, including one haul worth £100,000 at Heathrow Airport.