‘University places for all’ – with no tuition fees

Posted: August 12, 2015

Scala Playhouse has revealed more details about its new University feature, which will debut at next month’s Trade Fair at the distributor’s Almere HQ in The Netherlands. The Scala University will offer visitors free tutoring from a number of leading brands, including CalExotics, Doc Johnson, Pipedream, Jimmyjane, Mister B, NS Novelties, Rocks-Off and System Jo, plus Scala Playhouse itself, in sessions dedicated to brand history, product range, sales techniques and upsell opportunities.

“This is the very first time that we are hosting Scala’s University live and the programme is already promising to be a great success,” said the company. “We have a great selection of our must-have brands that will share their inside knowledge with you, the adult novelties retailers. There are many exciting names that will host a special Scala University session and we even have an extra special ‘VIP’ session hosted by Scala Playhouse itself. Each brand will have its own, unique approach. For example, CalExotics will dive further into their newest feature CalExotics Institute, where you can learn about CalExotics’ wide assortment by watching online videos and build -up your knowledge, allowing you to sell even more of its must-have products. Another exciting session is hosted by Pipedream. The brand is taking the opportunity to introduce you to its latest, must-have collections such as the exclusive Icicles Gold Edition and their new C-Ringz line of innovative cock rings. Pipedream will also share its tips and tricks on how to market Pipedream products in the most effective way possible to guarantee maximum sales results.”

The Scala University sessions are free to attend and are available on a first come, first served basis. Each session has a limited number of attendees and registration is therefore required. To enroll into Scala’s University, use the following link to view the programme and select the sessions you wish to attend: www.scalaplayhouse.com/register-scalas-university/

The Scala Playhouse Trade Fair takes place on Sunday the 6th and Monday the 7th of September. Contact the distributor for more information.

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