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Digital eReaders with added Xcitement

Xcite Books has become the first erotic publisher to sell digital eReaders pre-loaded with its content. A range of eReaders from Iriver are now available from the company, and the retail price includes the same value of Xcite Books’ female-friendly content pre-loaded, which means the consumer is effectively getting the eReader free of charge.

There are three models in the range, and prices are £199, £249 and £299. Specifications vary and can be seen at www.xcitebooks.com/category-214.html

Xcite Books, which won Best Erotic Book Brand at last month’s ETO Adult Industry Awards, was founded in 2007 by Hazel Cushion. She created the brand after struggling to find quality erotic fiction aimed at women and couples. She said: “I wanted to develop a brand with a fresh, friendly image that was perfect for women to read alone or with their partners. We’ve found that short story collections are the most popular as they help readers switch from day to play mode, or from mother to lover, in a matter of minutes. Now it’s easier than ever to be a housewife by day and a diva by night.”

The launch of pre-loaded eReaders follows a recent survey conducted by Xcite Books which revealed that 63% of their digital customers read their purchases on PCs and laptops, 10% print them out to read them and only 16% use a specialist eBook or Kindle reader. A further 7% use iPads or iPods and just 4% use their mobile phones. 200 visitors to the company’s website participated in the survey during the month of June.

Xcite’s Hazel Cushion said: “The figures show the demand for eBooks extends well beyond those willing and able to buy the specialist gadgets. These days most people have access to a computer.”

Since December Xcite Books has reported a four-fold growth in the volume of eBook sales. Digital publishing has overtaken its traditional print with 60 digital titles published to date in 2010 compared with six print books. Its digital title Lesbian Love is ranked in the top 100 grossing iTunes book apps.

Paul Andrews, CEO of digital publishers Andrews UK said: “The market for physical books has peaked. But eBooks are attracting a wider audience of the young and tech-savvy and those people who have come back to reading through technology. We have found that erotica is popular due to the discreet and instant nature of eBooks. In America even libraries are buying digital forms of erotic books.”