Demo videos from Pipedreams

Posted: December 9, 2010

Pipedream Products has created a large number of product demonstration videos, which can be streamed or downloaded, and it is offering to supply retailers with a DVD of them all. The videos showcase a wide range of the manufacturer’s offerings including cock rings, pumps, fetish gear and the Icicles glass line.

Pipedream CEO Nick Orlandino said: “The videos are a perfect sales tool for distributors and retailers alike. We realise that people need more than just a photograph of a product these days, they need to be educated, and our new product demonstration videos do just that. They will give customers a more accurate idea of the size and function of the toy as well as demonstrate how they work.”

Pipedream currently has over 800 streaming QuickTime product demonstration videos available, each under a minute in length. The videos will work on all operating systems as well as on mobile devices and smartphones. The videos can be viewed on, as well as downloaded individually and will be uploaded to the manufacturer’s YouTube page.

“In addition to offering the videos on our YouTube page and website, we will be making DVDs available with all currently available videos,” Orlandino said. “We will continue producing new demonstration videos until we have a video for every product in our inventory.”

To download videos individually from Pipedream’s website, simply click on the ‘play video’ icon under the product listing, then when the video is playing, click on the downward arrow at the bottom right of the pop out screen and choose ‘save as source’. To request a DVD of all currently available demonstration videos email