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Strictly Anywhere launched

Strictly Broadband has announced the launch of a brand new platform, Strictly Anywhere. Strictly Anywhere (www.strictlyanywhere.com) allows users to rent and view full-length, high-quality movies from any device. The site was originally launched for iPad users, but has now been extended to support all devices, whether mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Strictly Anywhere retains the original streaming-rental model from Strictly Broadband, and doesn’t allow downloads or pay-per-minute access. Users build their own collection of movies on their online account, which they can then view as often as they like from the device(s) of their choice.

Strictly Anywhere is a single platform providing exactly the same content for all client devices, and allowing the user access to their personal collection from any device.

The existing site, strictlybroadband.com, will continue to be updated daily with new movies, and the affiliate programme will be maintained, but future development and marketing efforts will switch to strictlyanywhere.com

Jerry Barnett, MD of Strictly Broadband, said: “In 2005, we arrived with the most advanced VoD platform around, and became the UK’s favourite adult site. Our original site is still hugely popular, but only supports PCs fully, with more recent movies also running on Macs. Now almost six years later, we’ve leapfrogged our competitors again. Every movie on the new standards-based platform will run on any device, and will continue to track new devices and operating systems as they appear. Desktop and laptop computers are starting to be replaced with tablet and smartphone devices as people’s main method of consuming media, and Strictly Anywhere is built to thrive in this new world. In today’s terminology, we’ve created a cloud-based adult movie service.”