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Dating site reveals fantasy league figures

Dating site reveals fantasy league figures

A recent survey conducted by Victoria Milan – a dating website for attached people looking to cheat – has revealed that having sex with their children’s teacher is the number one fantasy of the 6,587 male members who took part in the study. Porn stars, by contrast, rank alongside ‘my physiotherapist’ quite a way down in the fantasy league.

28% chose ‘with my child’s teacher’ as their fave fantasy scenario – twice as many as the next most popular, with a partner’s best friend, which 14% of men fantasised about. Filling out the remaining slots in the ‘who I fantasise about having sex with’ top ten were: with a colleague or superior (13%); with my neighbour (11%); with the babysitter (9%); with the bartender at my favourite pub (7%); with my sister-in-law (6%); with my favourite porn star (5%); with my physiotherapist (5%); and with my ex (2%).

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said the survey uncovered an interesting side to the cheating male psyche, as it shows they find real-life situations are more attractive: “Lusting after the child’s teacher, a best friend or a superior at work is more out-of-bounds and more alluring to British men than having a chance to conquer their favourite porn star,” he said. “Real women in reality are more attractive to the British man – perhaps because we always want what we most likely can’t have.”

* Image from Baci Lingerie Dreams Collection.