Constellation of Valentine gift ideas from Orion

Posted: January 12, 2017

Retailers yet to finalise their Valentine stock offering might be interested in a selection of lines recommended by Orion Wholesale. Part of the pleasure of a Valentine gift is the element of surprise and both partners can experience that with Orion’s Happy Valentine’s Day Surprise Bag, which contains six “thrilling and inspiring” items in chic packaging.

Other suggested products include Rose erotic massage oil from Magoon, the  Arts Clair Amour glass dildo from You2Toys, a chain for the intimate area with a heart-shaped pendant, heart-shaped bath confetti, classic rose panties, and sexy lingerie.

Orion Wholesale said: “The 14th February is the day for lovers – even if many people only see Valentine’s Day as a day that was invented by florists in order to increase their sales. But let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to be spoilt by their partner and for them to reaffirm their love? However, why does it always have to be flowers? What about an erotic token of love instead?”

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