Analyse this: Scala Playhouse takes on latest Mystim anal products

Posted: January 12, 2017

Scala Playhouse has announced the latest anal products from Mystim, including Curving Curt, Twisting Tom, and Big Bend-It, are now available to order. Curving Curt is a bi-polar electrosex prostate stimulator, which features a curved c-shape, a handy grip ring, and Mystim’s Flex & Stay technology – which means the user can expand his (or her) horizons by bending the toy into just about any shape. Twisting Tom is described as Mystim’s first ever quattro-polar prostate stimulator: the four poles create two separated stimulation areas: the prostate and the perineum. It too can be bent into any shape, as can Big Bend-It, a bi-polar electrosex prostate stimulator that features three oval balls for maximum P-spot stimulation. All three items are made of premium silicone, offering a soft touch for extra comfort, and they are supplied in eye-catching packaging.

“The Mystim assortment at Scala Playhouse offers a sensational choice in electro-stimulation pleasure providers,” said Scala Playhouse. “From sleek vibrators to naughty probes, there is something for every lover of electrifyingly good pleasure. These three new additions are perfect for a mind-blowing backdoor adventure and they will certainly electrify your consumer’s desires and draw attention in any in-store display.”

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