CalExotics’ new vibrating ‘easy-change’ Kegel exercisers

Posted: April 25, 2018

CalExotics has released two new Kegel exercisers, the Rechargeable Kegel Ball Starter and the Rechargeable Kegel Ball Advanced, and the US manufacturer states they can help tighten, strengthen and revive pelvic muscles while providing vibrating pleasure for added motivation – and they don’t have to be removed to change the intensity of the vibrations. The Starter is a beginner sized exerciser that measures 3” x 1.25” while the Advanced sized exerciser measures 2.75” x 1”.

Susan Colvin, founder and CEO of CalExotics, said: “Working out at the gym is important to maintaining a healthy body. In the same way, strengthening the pelvic floor and exercising the Kegel muscles is important to maintaining great sexual health. With the soft silicone material and exciting vibration patterns, these Rechargeable Kegel Balls will have women excited to do their Kegel exercises and find their way to greater sexual health.”

The exercisers are described as being comfortable, body-safe and made from soft and smooth silicone, and the 12 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation will bring sensual stimulation while building Kegel strength. They feature a push-button control on the end of the retrieval cord and security travel lock feature, and they are waterproof USB-rechargeable.

Jackie White, executive vice president of CalExotics, said: “These new rechargeable Kegel exercisers offer a solution to a problem so many of us face. During a Kegel exercise routine, the ball must be removed to change the function which really messes up your rhythm. With our newest design, the function button is at the end of the retrieval cord making it super easy to change the function. Problem solved!”

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