Dusedo’s on the scene, with the MOI sex machine

Posted: April 25, 2018

Now available at Dusedo is the MOI Extreme Power Engine, an adjustable fucking machine with a detachable fucking machine gun and extreme suction cups. Dusedo says it is lightweight and it will stick to any flat surface – so users can enjoy it upside down if they wish – and the frame has two adjustable points to micro-position the device. The gun itself is a detachable handheld, so it can be used for more intimate play sessions too.

“With a thrusting 245-260 RPM, this machine is suitable for everyone with an itch on a place that needs to be pounded,” said Dusedo.

The device weighs less than three kilograms with the gun attached and it sports an adjustable grip handle on the machine gun for solo play and a controller to micro-adjust the speed of the revolutions. Contact Dusedo for further information.


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