Scala adds two new Gplugs

Posted: April 25, 2018

The latest releases from Gvibe, the Gplug Bioskin and Gplug Twist, are now available to order at Scala. The distributor says the two new products are prime examples of the brand’s state-of-the-art design, sleek aesthetics, thrilling functions and unique appeal.

The Gplug Bioskin is a vibrating plug which uses the manufacturer’s Bioskin material, and Gvibe says: “It’s impossible to believe how realistic this toy’s material is! This design was especially developed for extra pleasure seekers. It has the anatomic form of a plug designed specifically for long-lasting use. The blunted point is extremely comfortable, while the base is flat to enable long-lasting use. Now you can stand, sit, run and do sports without taking it out.”

Of its Gplug Twist, Gvibe says: “Its exciting twist form was designed for true connoisseurs of anal games. It spins and enters easily with no additional efforts. Being inside, due to its ribbed shape, Gplug Twist massages with each rib, delivering vibration and pleasure.”

The firm says other features of the plugs include intuitive controls, six modes of vibration, a magnetic charging interface, and travel-lock function. Both plugs are also compatible with the G-ring finger vibrator, which can act as a remote control for them. For more information visit