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“Best ETO Show ever” for Pipedream

“Best ETO Show ever” for Pipedream

Pipedream has reported that its appearance at the 2015 ETO Show was “ultra-successful” and it capped off the weekend by returning to the US with three coveted ETO Awards, including Most Innovative Brand. The manufacturer wowed visitors with the UK debut of King Cock, iSex, Crush, and Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy. Attendees flocked to the massive booth – a joint effort with Scala Playhouse and Jimmyjane – for a first-hand look at Pipedream’s extensive offerings. The manufacturer had its biggest presence yet at the show, where it displayed the entirety of its award-winning brands.

“This was our best ETO Show ever!” said Pipedream VP of sales Steve Sav. “We were so excited to show the UK just how comprehensive and well merchandised our lines really are, and our customers were equally excited.”

The excitement continued at Sunday night’s awards show, where Pipedream took home three substantial accolades, including Best Stand, Best Fetish Products Brand (Fetish Fantasy Series), and Most Innovative Brand.

“We’re very proud to have won three ETO awards,” said Pipedream chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino. “Pipedream continues to show why we are the #1 pleasure products brand in the world – we’re always creating, innovating, and advancing the industry, and our international success and worldwide recognition reflects that. Great things happen when the #1 manufacturer in the US teams up with the #1 distributor in Europe and the #1 magazine in the UK. Thanks to everyone at ETO and Scala for their support and another great show.”


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