Are congratulations in order?

Posted: May 7, 2015

I will assume many of you have already gone straight to page 32 of the latest issue to see if your name appears in the finalists for the 2015 ETO Awards in association with Fleshlight. I would have, if I thought I had a realistic hope of making the shortlists (don’t pity me, ETO staff are – quite rightly – ineligible for our own awards).

Commiserations if you or your preferred choices did not make the shortlists this year. The sheer breadth of nominations in every category confirms just how competitive every sector of this marketplace is, and there are some notable names not represented at all this time.

If, however, your company or product (or even you) appear among the finalists then let me be one of the first to congratulate you on reaching this stage of the process. You have done well. You are clearly held in high regard by your customers, suppliers and peers in the industry, because they are the ones responsible for putting you on the pedestal you currently occupy. Not us, not a panel of experts, but the readers of ETO. I bang on about this every year but I’m not going to apologise for doing it again: these awards are unique for that very reason, and it will be the votes of ETO readers who decide the eventual winners.

If you would like to influence the outcome of this year’s awards, please visit and cast your votes. If you have never voted before you will be asked to register your details first. This is to ensure you are a genuine member of the trade and not one of the finalists’ friends, family or paid lackeys. A password will be emailed to you once your application has been approved, allowing you to log in to the site and express your preferences.

As well as helping choose the winners, you can also be there to see them accept their trophies on the night. There really is no other social event like the ETO Awards Dinner and it would be great if you could join us. Full details can be found in the latest issue of ETO.

I hope to see you there.