ABS Holdings acquires Millivres Prowler Wholesale

Posted: April 18, 2017

ABS Holdings has announced that it has acquired Millivres Prowler Wholesale. In an announcement the distributor said it was proud to add to Prowler brand to its business and the takeover would be great news for ABS and Prowler customers alike.

The statement explained: “ABS customers will now have easy access to great new pill and popper brands, adding even more variety and choice to your shopping experience. Prowler customers will benefit from the ABS team’s passion, industry knowledge and of course, the unrivalled customer service that we’re known for. You will also have access to the latest Prowler products you love via our dedicated Prowler page.  You will have access to the entire ABS catalogue and we’re confident that our large range has plenty of exciting products that will pique your interest.”

Prowler customers’ terms and prices will be honoured and the contact for aroma and pills sales will still be Shaun Murphy.

“This ownership change will also see the continuation of Millivres Prowler Wholesale staff who have served the community for over 25 years,” said ABS Holdings. “We really look forward to providing the gay community with excellent products at excellent prices. We can’t wait to add the ABS touch to this popular brand, taking it to the next level in terms of stock availability, choice and newness.”