A colourful start for Godemiche

Posted: November 30, 2015

There’s a new name in the world of hand-made silicone dildos, and Godemiche has launched with a collection consisting of extremely vibrant colours. The company says the dildos are made using FDA approved silicone, with the striking colouring coming from a pigment that is non-toxic and skin safe. In addition to the coloured models, dildos are also available in two-colour blends – these use the same ultraviolet pigment and a special process to create the blend.

“At Godemiche we are not trying to break the mould, but recolour it, restyle it and make you fall in love again with your dildo,” the company says on its website. “We quickly found out that making dildos made us happy, using them makes us happier but knowing that you’re enjoying/about to enjoy them makes us ecstatic – you could call it job satisfaction. It’s important to us that all Godemiche is completely made by hand. Big or small, everything is hand sculpted, hand mixed and hand poured. Why do we make them by hand? Because we like to, we want to and we know every one has been made with care.”

Retail prices are around £25, and plugs and pegs are also available. For more information, and to open a wholesale account, visit www.g-silicone.com