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31st July means ‘no strings fun’ day

A website aimed at individuals looking for ‘no strings fun’, has applied to register ‘National FB Day’ on 31st July with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

A formal request was has been lodged by My-Fbuddy.co.uk founder Andy Hammonds. He commented: “In the current environment of doom and gloom many people are looking for no strings fun to perk themselves up. The recession means people are going out less. National FB day and My-Fbuddy.co.uk will make staying in that much more enjoyable.”

Hammonds continued: “Thousands of men and women use My-Fbuddy.co.uk each week for no strings fun. Demand has been so overwhelming that a National Day, like St George’s Day but with a little more fun (and a little less clothing) seemed the next logical step.”

The last day in July was chosen by Andy Hammonds as, “The sun – a natural aphrodisiac – is shining, skirts get shorter and Summer lunchtime drinking becomes commonplace.”