‘Skinemax’ comes to iPad

Posted: August 22, 2011

Speculation that Apple is becoming more relaxed around adult content has been fuelled by the recent decision to allow an app from US cable provider Cinemax. Available free to Cinemax’s Pay TV subscribers, the app gives access to the firm’s full spread of programming which includes the Max After Dark range. Dubbed ‘Skinemax’, the channel’s softcore content includes the likes of The Hills Have Thighs and Sin City Diaries. The big difference seems to be the app requires age-verified subscription to the Cinemax network to access any content through the iPad, unlike past adult apps – such as Playboy’s – which have needed to tone content down to comply with Apple’s App Store sexual content policies. In recent years many businesses have fallen foul of Apple’s zero-tolerance ruling, including lingerie and swimwear retailers selling via apps.