Erotica Visitors to get Snap Happy

Posted: November 9, 2011

Sharp-eyed visitors to the Erotica website – – will have noticed a change of camera policy for public attendees to the show compared to previous years. In the past the well-publicised rule has been ‘No Cameras’, with efficient security staff to back it up, but this has been dropped for the 2011 gathering.

As the site’s front page explains, “Erotica has decided to relax its rules on photography at the show. You will be allowed to bring a camera with you, but please show respect. Do not photograph exhibitors, models, performers (off stage), or other visitors to the show, without first asking their permission.”

However, the FAQ page is awaiting an update as it still says, “Can I take pictures? No, we are sorry that cameras / camera phones are strictly prohibited at Erotica. This is to protect the privacy of our visitors and increase comfort levels for all. Anyone caught taking pictures with a camera / camera phone will asked to leave the event and will not be eligible for a refund.”

Assuming the former news from the site is correct, for consumers at the show it means the chance to immortalise their Erotica experience with a (naughty) Kodak Moment, potentially adding value – as well as capturing memories of – the 15th London Erotica.