Zero tolerance: new Tenga Flip Hole at ABS

Posted: July 22, 2016

ABS Holdings has announced that the new Tenga Flip Hole 0 is now available. The distributor says the new product offers a fresh, modern take on the Tenga Flip and it offers a seamless solo experience. “Tenga has rebuilt the Flip with better technology and even more premium materials that were previously only available in Japan,” said ABS. “The Tenga Flip 0 has an integrated pivot and a flip-open hinge for seamless insertion and easier use. It is exceptionally eayy to clean and the modern design prevents lubricant leakage on insertion.”

The Tenga Flip Hole 0 is said to feature the most intricate internal texturing detail that the brand has to offer, including stimulating ridge walls and a ridge dome that sports rippled edges. The triple chain gate is found even deeper inside the sleeve, and it pushes air out as the user goes further.

“Perhaps our favourite part of the new Flip 0 is the layered end orb as an explosive grand finale where a flexible layer and a round orb stimulate your shaft from every possible angle,” added ABS. “The Flip 0 is easy to use, and Tenga have combined sensational stimulation with design simplicity for one of our favourite products from the brand yet. To use, simply remove the slide arms and then squeeze the rails, allowing the product to click open. Add a water-based lubricant, then click the product closed again, replacing the slide arms. You can also lubricate the insertion point for a seamless, smooth entry that’s perfectly hydrated and comfortable. The product features pressure pads that allow for the escape of air while you’re inside it – and when pushed, they deliver a strong suction for even more intensity. Once you’re done, simply rinse with warm water, a toy cleaner will ensure that all bacteria is washed away. The slide arms have been designed for use as a stand, too – allowing you to dry your Tenga Flip 0 perfectly. This toy comes in a special case for safe storage.”

ABS Holdings:

[T] 01202 868511