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Wow-Wi unveiled this month

This month sees the launch of a brand new sex toy called Wow-Wi and the trade will be able to see it for the first time at the ETO Show. Aimed at men, women and couples, it is the first product from a new company called Feelgood 2.

The Wow-Wi has taken six years to develop – and reportedly cost six figures – and it is the creation of Rob Stephenson. He told ETO: “There are sex toys available that can accommodate men and women together but most are cumbersome, heavy and very expensive. Wow-Wi is very compact and incorporates modern technology in that it is rechargeable and it uses an infrared remote control. It also has a counter reactive force built in so whether it’s held in the hand or used hands-free it steadies itself against the body. One Wow-Wi can be shared between each couple by simply changing the attachments…for those who have ever fantasised about a threesome, the Wow-Wi is a perfect alternative.”

The Wow-Wi has a suggested retail price of £189. For further information see the June issue of ETO, which includes an interview with the Wow-Wi’s inventor, visit www.wow-wi.com or come to this month’s ETO Show.