Water features: new CalExotics Water Works System now available at Scala Playhouse

Posted: April 24, 2017

Scala Playhouse is now stocking the new Universal Water Works System by CalExotics. This complete set includes everything a user could need for pleasurable water play and is compatible with the tub, shower and sink.

The Universal Water System includes a directional valve adaptor, three variable spray attachments, a hand-held flow controller which allows the user to turn the water on or off easily, a six inch/1.8m non-tarnishing, nickel-free, non-crimping hose, spare hose washers, and full instructions to help users on their way to splashing good pleasure!

CalExotics said: “This water system is 100% multi-use – it affixes easily to the tub, shower or sink, via the versatile attachment, to provide hours of intimate bathroom-based water play. The directional valve adaptor allows the user to switch quickly between the shower head and faucet, meaning that you can enjoy the Universal Water Works System whenever the need takes you.”

The Universal Water Works System is part of the Water Systems collection by CalExotics. The collection includes over a dozen other water play essentials such as anal douches, each with their own unique features and functionality. For more information visit www.scalaplayhouse.com