Vulcan masturbators now in the UK, courtesy of Creative Conceptions

Posted: January 24, 2018

The Vulcan range of masturbators from Topco Sales is now available in the UK through Creative Conceptions. The devices are modelled on genuine body parts and formulated with Cyberskin virtual touch technology to feel like human skin and deliver lifelike sensations, with snug sleeves that flex with the user’s grip.

Creative Conceptions says the elasticity and grip and pull of the handheld tunnel coaxes users to a satisfying release, making it an effective stamina training tool, and helping users to develop technique and staying power through use and practice. CyberSkin also has ‘memory’ so it can recover to its original shape.

Vulcans aren’t just for ‘solo nights’ though, according to Creative, as the devices are comfy and lightweight for partners to hold/use for upgraded hand-jobs – unlike some strokers, which can be clunky, heavy and cumbersome to use on a partner.

There are three different models – Deep Throat, Realistic Pussy, and Realistic Ass – which feature a variety of tightness and textured interiors and the CyberSkin sleeve is removable for fast and easy cleaning.

Encased in plastic with colorful shrink-wrap labels that highlight each SKU’s texture and design, they can stand on a shelf or hang from hooks for in-store displays. Creative says they need to be felt to appreciate how realistic they really are, so it recommends that stores keep one on hand together with some water to demonstrate just how well lubricated they become.

Topco Sales CEO Autumn O’Bryan said: “This partnership marks the first time Creative Conceptions and Topco Sales have worked together and we are so excited to be working with Jane, Richie, and their team to introduce top-selling products, like CyberSkin Vulcan strokers, to their UK customers. I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year.”

Creative Conceptions:

[T] 01636 703454