Trio of new Tengas due

Posted: December 14, 2016

Tenga has announced the launch of three new products: Air-Tech Twist, Delta, and the Iroha Stick. The Air-Tech Twist is the latest addition to the Air-Tech series of mid-range reusable masturbators. Based on Tenga’s original Vacuum Cup, the Air-Tech series features a removable sleeve to allow for easy cleaning. The new Air-Tech Twist has an internal mechanism that twists to adjust the level of compression, offering a range of sensations from a single product. It comes in two versions: the Tickle, which featured rugged nubs internally, and the Ripple, which offers subtle waves.

Delta is a low-cost single-speed vibrator that features a rotating tip, giving two different angles of use, while the Iroha Stick features a soft silicone tip and a dial control for users to customise the strength of the vibrations.

All three new products are expected to be available by December 2016. Contact your favourite Tenga distributor for more information.