Topco recruits new COO

Posted: June 7, 2016

Topco Sales has appointed Autumn O’Bryan as the company’s new COO. With 23 years’ experience in almost every aspect of the adult industry, from production to distribution and ecommerce, O’Bryan’s remit is to re-establish Topco Sales as a leading manufacturer focused on building trust, promoting quality, and bringing a fresh approach to the next phase of the brand’s legacy.

“I have been given an incredible opportunity to breathe new life into the iconic Topco Sales brand with a special focus on rebuilding the company’s position as a founding leader in the adult industry,” O’Bryan said. “My team and I are addressing the challenges head-on while offering complete and candid transparency related to every aspect of the supply chain, because rebuilding trust and confidence will be essential for the growth and success of the company. I truly look forward to the path ahead and plan to do everything possible to bring Topco Sales back to the top.”

O’Bryan is no stranger to Topco Sales, having previously spent four years at the company. She can be reached via and is scheduling meetings for the upcoming ANME Show, which takes place from July 17th-19th in Burbank, California.