Strap lines: four new additions to XR Brands’ Strap U range

Posted: June 8, 2017

XR Brands has expanded its Strap U line of harnesses and dildos to encompass a wider array of accessories catered to first-time peggers. There are two new harness designs and several premium silicone dildo designs to choose from.

The Pegged harness features a slender starter dildo with a 5” insertable length and slight curve shaped to gently stimulate the prostate. The lightweight nylon harness holds the dildo in place with an O-ring while its waist and leg straps can be adjusted for comfortable long-term wear. Featuring a bullet vibe pocket in the front and completely open rear, the Pegged harness adjusts to 44” around the waist and 28” around each thigh. The Navigator harness also adjusts to 44” and 28” but it sports    a matching silicone G-spot dildo with a tapered shaft that gradually increases in diameter toward its base.

The Boi Toy is described as a next-level dildo featuring a textured shaft, curved shape, and realistic head for a more intense, more lifelike experience, while the all-in-one Tri-Play 3-piece dildo set consists of three silicone dildos with a spiralling texture. Graduated in length and girth, Tri-Play dildos are slightly curved and harness-compatible, making it easy for users to move from beginner- to intermediate-level pegging penetration.

“We launched the Strap U line to provide shoppers with a wide range at a variety of price points and give retailers a cohesive brand that appeals to all levels,” XR Brands director of marketing Rebecca Weinberg said. “The response has been tremendous and more stores across the country have updated their inventory to include these beginner- and intermediate-friendly strap-on systems. These newest releases are already performing well with our customers and we look forward to expanding Strap U even more next year.”

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