Home Industry News Squeeze does it: Net 1on1 takes on six more Doc Johnson masturbators

Squeeze does it: Net 1on1 takes on six more Doc Johnson masturbators

Squeeze does it: Net 1on1 takes on six more Doc Johnson masturbators

Net 1on1 has announced it has expanded its catalogue of custom-pressure masturbators with six new Doc Johnson products: three Main Squeeze Girls of Social Media and three Man Squeezes. Net 1on1 says the Main Squeeze brand of Doc Johnson masturbators have been steady sellers since the distributor started carrying them as an upmarket alternative to its budget devices.

“We absolutely love the Main Squeeze range,” said Net 1on1 sales manager Sebastian Gonzalez. “Moulded after porn stars, the first batch of SKUs we released back in 2017 was extremely successful on the UK market. These toys offer a mid-range option between the luxury of Fleshlights and the budget choice of small pocket pussies in terms of price, without compromising on quality or innovation.”

The Girls of Social Media toys were moulded directly from Instagram stars who have millions of followers, as Gonzalez explained: “Ana Lorde has 1.4 million followers, Viking Barbie clocks nearly 2 million, while Iryna is at 5.4 million. These are impressive numbers and I bet that many of those followers would love to own a piece of these beautiful girls too. These masturbators were moulded expertly by Doc Johnson directly after the likeness of these social media juggernauts so you can bet that the aesthetics are spot on. Considering that the porn star Main Squeezes did so well for us and seeing that social media is where it’s all at these days, I’m confident that the new launch will be just as successful, if not even more so.”

The three Man Squeeze additions, named Stud, Twink, and Bear, are aimed at the gay market and feature male anal orifices.

“We wanted to add toys for the gay market to our catalogue for a long time now, and the Stud, the Twink and the Bear are perfect for this,” said Gonzalez. “Equipped with the same squeeze mechanism that made the originals so popular, these masturbators will attract a wider demographic to our customers’ displays and listings. We just can’t wait for both retailers and consumer to pick their favourite Main Squeezes. Share, like, tag, the social media stars will make their mark, so don’t miss out!”

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