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‘SoBo’ inspires new Baci bodystockings collection

‘SoBo’ inspires new Baci bodystockings collection

Baci Lingerie’s new collection of body stockings consists of 27 form-fitting looks that are said to be inspired by the rise in acceptance and appreciation for playful and soft bondage (SoBo). The company says the new looks speak directly to the growing acceptance of fulfilling fantasies as well as the trend toward openness that has been so good for the entire industry – and one that Baci feels will only increase over time. Answering this rise in demand, the brand chose to incorporate a range of designs that include strappy, caged looks that it believes are the perfect balance of revealing and anticipation. Additionally, each item in the range of one and two-piece ensembles boasts detailing like floral lace, open cup tops, bold patterns and corset-look lacing.

“Just as the styles from each of our releases have set a unique tone, our latest looks are once again ahead of the market,” said Helle Panzieri, Baci Lingerie’s sales director. “These styles definitely represent an evolution of the Baci aesthetic. Not only did we explore current trends that would influence the garment designs, but we examined our market, our packaging and where we want to go next.”

Baci Lingerie is distributed in the UK by Kevco Wholesale, and Lynne Seeds, the distributor’s national sales manager, said: “This is a great new collection from Baci. The use of new image style and packaging makes the product stand out when presented both online and in-store. Including a plus size range, I believe this will be a great seller”

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