Smeraldo collection launched by Ballerina

Posted: August 12, 2016

Hosiery manufacturer Ballerina has launched its new Smeraldo collection, which features ten brand new erotic designs. Gareth Laycock, operations director at Alterego Lingerie, the brand’s UK distributor, said: “Ballerina is a very exciting brand for us. More retailers, both traditional and online, are realising that they can sell hosiery as an add-on to their lingerie sales, giving their income and profits a boost. Ballerina has an extensive collection of erotic, bridal and everyday stockings, hold-ups and tights, with some brilliant designs, and great prices.”

He added that the Ballerina brand generated a huge amount of interest at June’s ETO Show and said: “Many retailers are looking for other options since Pretty Polly folded, and Ballerina is very viable.  The new designs are great and I’m certain that this new collection will add to that momentum.”

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