Skins Cube aims to “change the perception of contraception”

Posted: November 1, 2016

Skins Sexual Health has unveiled a bold new packaging concept for its condoms. The Skins Cube aims to “change the perception of contraception” with its design which, the company hopes, consumers will be proud to display by their bedside.

The Skins Cube contains 16 individual, separate condoms in an easy-access storage box. In an attempt to tackle the reasons often cited by people who don’t like using condoms, the light vanilla scent and transparency is intended to look and feel like a second skin. “As we work to break down the stereotypes associated with condoms, we believe people’s pride in using our condoms will be mirrored with pride to showcase the packaging and be personal brand ambassadors,” the company said. “With an aim to be as clear as we can be, in every sense of the word, the Cube’s packaging is sharp and concise, making it simple for the consumer to be able to see what exactly it is they want and take it from choice to purchase in seconds. As we work to make the design an iconic, must-have item, we hope our tag ‘never go in without a Skin’ will take even more precedence in the continuous strive for sexual wellness.”

The Skins Cube retails at £9.99 and offers retailers a very generous profit margin. Contact distributor Creative Conceptions for more information.

Creative Conceptions:

[T] 0845 370 0377