Seven new Black Velvets from Orion

Posted: February 21, 2019

Orion Wholesale has released a new crop of Black Velvets products under its You2Toys brand, and the focus of the new lines is anal stimulation. Orion says that 19% of people who participated in its most recent sex survey have anal sex on a regular basis. “This is no surprise as the stimulation of the anus feels very good for both men and women,” the distributor said. “The anus has various nerve endings that strongly react to touch. Couples who have explored this sensitive spot once, integrate anal stimulation into their lovemaking quite regularly. That is because anal intercourse stimulates a man’s P-spot or a woman’s vaginal wall which also feels extremely pleasurable.”

The seven new Black Velvets are made from black silicone and feature quite different design aspects, from handy loops and small handles to prevent them slipping out of position to sporting grooves and bulges to provide additional stimulation.

Plug & Beads boasts a butt plug at one end and four flexible anal beads at the other; Rechargeable Beads features five connected beads of different shapes, with the top three being flexible and the lower two forming a unit with the stopper; Rechargeable Butt Plug is available in three sizes and offers seven vibration modes; Rechargeable Plug has a wavy shaft which can be used for P-spot stimulation in men and vaginal stimulation in women; while Finger Vibrator has a grooved tip and is designed to be worn on a finger – Orion says this is the perfect toy for foreplay or as a little helper during sex.

Orion Wholesale: