Loving Joy brings a touch of glass to catalogue

Posted: February 21, 2019

Net 1on1 has announced its flagship brand Loving Joy has been expanded with a new sub-brand, Spectrum, and the first releases will be three glass dildos.

“Loving Joy is like our baby,” said Net 1on1 sales manager Sebastian Gonzalez. “We nurture it, develop it, and make plans for its future. Every single sub-brand we launched, every single product we re-packaged, or re-vamped in the last few years was a result of a lot of work, thought and care. With our customers’ needs, demands and feedback in mind we aim to keep Loving Joy fresh, trendy and appealing, so they’ll be able to sell these products with the excellent margins they came to expect from us now.”

He added that a glass range was the one thing missing from the firm’s catalogue: “We’ve been looking for the right glass dildo to add to our catalogue for years,” he said. “And we are proud to present Spectrum, a new sub-brand to Loving Joy consisting of three glass dildos in the most popular shapes and sizes. Glass dildos are often very expensive so we wanted to launch a range of high quality SKUs at an incredibly affordable price point. Starting at an RRP of £24.99, our customers will be able to remain extremely competitive on the market with Spectrum’s prices. We also wanted to make sure that the packaging complements the contents and draws the eyes of consumers with an explosion of colour, so bricks and mortar store owners can display these great looking dildos in a prime spot in their shops. The packaging is, in a way, a variation on our current, existing, simple and elegant Loving Joy design, so Spectrum can still sit nicely next to our other high-end products like the Vita and the Dua.”

The three designs – a pink ribbed model, a deep blue double ender, and a clear ribbed model – will be available for retailers to purchase from mid-March.

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