Screaming O on ITV2’s Celebrity Juice

Posted: April 4, 2012

The Screaming O made a surprise guest appearance on ITV2 last week when Celebrity Juice host Keith Lemon handed Holly Willoughby a few RingOs without telling her what exactly she was holding.

Her hearing was impaired by noise-cancelling headphones, allowing Lemon to inform her that what he was about to give her was in fact a cock ring and not a tasty treat. He mumbled “They’re penis rings – you put your penis in them,” so lip reading wasn’t an option and Willoughby promptly unwrapped a red RingO and took a bite.

“I think it’s for your pleasure more than ours,” Lemon said.

Embarrassed, Willoughby shoved the RingOs back at Lemon and suggested he’d benefit more from stretching one on himself.

The complete Screaming O range is available in the UK from Creative Conceptions.