Scala Playhouse appoints new UK agent

Posted: April 6, 2016

A new company, GG&G, will take over the handling of Scala Playhouse’s UK customers from this month. Although the name is unfamiliar, the people behind GG&G are most certainly not: the three Gs who make up the firm are Clive Gore, Matthew Gore and Neil Goldsmith, who have been running the UK side of Scala Playhouse for the last two decades. For the vast majority of customers, very little will change – they will still be dealing with the same people and buying from the same company – but the new firm will now be able to offer customers other, “uniquely British”, products which are unavailable from Scala Playhouse.

In recent years, UK-only consumables, such as aromas, have become a major part of Scala Playhouse’s UK retailers’ business. These products have been marketed under the Consume label since the 2014 ETO Show but a new independent company, called Consume Ltd, has been created to focus on this area.

GG&G’s Matthew Gore explained: “The last few years have seen considerable growth in sales for consumables that are not available in mainland Europe, many of which have become something of a lifeline for struggling retailers. We will be offering a comprehensive and fully-certified selection of capsules, sprays and other adult consumables.”

Serge van der Hooft of Scala Playhouse said of the new arrangement: “We have a long-standing relationship with our team in the UK and look forward to this new way of working together. We have been running with this system for some time in other European countries and believe it will lead to an improved service for our British customers.”

Scala Playhouse’s Berry Koldewijn added: “We’re pleased to welcome our ‘new’ independent agents and believe that their specialist knowledge, combined with the full resources of our team in Almere will be a win-win situation for all involved.”

GG&G’s Neil Goldsmith said: “We are all looking forward to this new opportunity which will provide a better service for our customers while giving us the freedom to offer other, uniquely British, products which are unavailable from Scala Playhouse. Over the years, many of our customers in the traditional retail market have asked why we are unable to supply various products, especially consumables with ‘crossover appeal’ and we are now in a position to offer these. In fact, we will be offering Diet Diva, a revolutionary weight-loss capsule, as part of our official launch and have already received extremely positive feedback from those who previewed it.”

GG&G’s Clive Gore said: “There have been new systems put in place for Scala Playhouse’s representation in other European nations and we have been aware of this for many years now and, coupled with the huge growth of UK-only consumables, this felt like the right time for all involved to bring this system to the UK. Scala Playhouse has been constantly evolving throughout my 20 years with the company and the goal is always the same – improved customer service. The new arrangement allows a far greater amount of focus, both in terms of supplying Scala Playhouse products and allowing us to focus on the continuing growth of Consume Ltd. In fact many of our customers will have recently received our latest selection from Consume – if you haven’t then please contact one of our experienced sales team.”